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Lunares 1#
Lunares 1#
Lunares 1#

Lunares 1#

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Handmade vase. stoneware.

Jarrón hecho a mano. Gres.


D 10 cm x H 24 cm (approx.).


Handmade carved vase in stoneware. Black in natural white toasted. It is unique and elegant in its line, perfect as minimalist piece with delightful carved decoration in colours contract effect. 


  1. Binary squares: Decorated with squares in black. Black and natural white lightly toasted colours.


Each piece is handmade, will have slight differences in shape and finish. Curved in its line and sometimes with small marks, making each one completely singular and extraordinary. 

Because of the handmade process of this item, each piece will be slightly unique and some variation is to be expected.

Only it includes a single piece. 


This item is handmade to order, it means that it needs a dedicated and individual work in every piece. Please allow a delivery time necessary to make your piece special and unique.

If there is enough stock, we will need only 2 to 4 days for preparing the parcel, plus 5 to 6 days for shipping. If there is out of stocking, we will need 3 to 6 weeks to make it for you, plus 5 to 6 days for shipping. We will do our best to shorten your wait.