FREE shipping most EU and UK

Delivery cost / Precios de envíos

Delivery cost - Precios de envíos 

The delivery cost will be calculated depending on weight of the order. The delivery to UK and Europe (zone1) will be FREE.

El coste del envío será calculado dependiendo del peso del pedido. El envío a España (sólo península) será GRATUITO.  

Europe Zone 1. European countries with free delivery: France, Italy, Belgium, Monaco, Vatican city, Germany, Holland, Luxembourg, Austria, Denmark, Sweden, Ireland and Poland.

Other European countries: They are not include in free delivery option. Howeve, if you are interested in shipping. Please write us to and we'll calculate de delivery cost for your order.

To other part of the world:

  • If you are interested in shipping outside Europe, please write us to and we'll check if it possible and the delivery cost.